How to Find Images Using the LCO Observation Archive

There are many thousands of astronomical data files in our archive. We've created an archive search page that lets you limit your search by different attributes. This guide will walk you through the steps to finding the images you want.

Search through our archive for astronomical data and images.

How to search by name

  1. If you have a favorite night sky object, you can search for it by name with the By title box.
  2. Then set the date range to either all dates or a custom date range.
  3. You can also or select a particular telescope and filter
  4. Hit Search

Download the data files

The search will show all the observations which match your request with a quicklook thumbnail image. Click on the thumbnail and you will see a larger image. This image has been automatically created by a data processing pipeline and is not the best quality. It does a pretty good job but a person (i.e. you!) can do a better job.

This screen has a summary of the observation. You can see the co-ordinates the telescope was pointing at and the filters used.

In the row "Data" you will find links to the data files (FITS) for each filter used to make the final image.

Please note: To download the FITS files you should right-click the link and choose "Save link as".