Hotwired-IV - Science Topics

Late abstract deadline: April 15, 2015

Preliminary Science Agenda
Keynote talks are indicated in bold and will be 25mins long allowing 5mins for questions.
All other contributions will have 15min + 5mins for questions.
All posters will be displayed in the Mesa Room throughout the meeting and may be mounted from Monday evening onwards.

Monday, May 11
Tuesday, May 12
Wednesday, May 13
Thursday, May 14
Friday, May 15

Printable agenda in PDF format here

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Monday, May 11 2015

Registration desk open in the Mesa Room, Canary Hotel lower-ground floor from 4-6pm.

Tuesday, May 12 2015

Tarball of Tuesday's talks

Registration desk open in the Mesa Room, Canary Hotel lower-ground floor from 8-9:30am.

09:25 Rachel Street Welcome and logistics

Time Domain Surveys

Chair: Rob Seaman


Eric Bellm

The Zwicky Transient Facility [PDF}

10:00 Slavko Bogdanov Transient Science with the Neutron Star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER) [PPTX]
10:20 Neil Gehrels Exploring on the Time Domain Universe with Swift [PPTX]
10:40 Francisco Forster Buron HiTS: The High cadence Transient Survey [PDF]
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Eric Christensen
11:30 Kenneth Chambers PSST - The Pan-STARRS Survey for Transients [PDF]
11:50 Kyler Kuehn Transient Science with the Dark Energy Survey [PDF]
12:10 Benjamin Shappee The All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) [PPTX]
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Diana Dragomir
14:00 Steve Howell Time Domain Astronomy with the NASA K2 Mission [PPTX]
14:20 Brad Tucker KEGS - The Kepler Extra-Galactic Survey [PPTX]
14:40 Tony Tyson LSST+ [PPTX]

Target Classification and Selection

15:00 Brian Bue Domain Adaptation for Optical Transient
Detection [PDF]
15:20 Ashish Mahabal Adventures with CRTS orphancat objects [PDF]
15:40-16:10 Coffee break
Chair: Rob Siverd


Karl (Simon) Krughoff

LSST: The Alert Production Pipeline [PPTX]

16:40 Matthew Graham Searching for supermassive black-hole
binaries with CRTS [PPTX]
17:00 Umaa Rebbapragada Machine-Learned Transient Vetting at iPTF: A Tale of Two Pipelines [PPTX]
17:20 George Miller Pan-STARRS Photometric Classification of
Supernovae using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model [PDF]
17:40 Stephen Ridgway Sipping from the firehose: why we need not fear the LSST alert tream [PDF]

Evening Reception

18:30-22:00 Rooftop bar & pool, Canary Hotel

Wednesday, May 13 2015

Tarball of Wednesday's talks

08:25 Rachel Street Logistics

Time Domain Science

Chair: Lucianne Walkowicz


José Luis Galache

The Minor Planet Center: Handling Hot Data Since 1947 [PPTX]

09:00 Eric Christensen Simulating the Performance of Ground-Based NEO Surveys [PPTX]
09:20 Emily Kramer Cometary Dust in NEOWISE
09:40 Richard Wainscoat The Pan-STARRS search for Near Earth Objects [PDF]
10:00 Diana Dragomir The role of Time Domain in Exoplanet Science [PDF]
10:20 Paula Szkody Cataclysmic Variables : A Perfect Testbed for Variability Brokering [PDF] [PPT]
10:40 – 11:10 Coffee break
Chair: Andy Howell
11:10 Abhijit Saha A Synoptic Study of Stellar Populations towards the Galactic Center [PPTX]
11:30 Iair Arcavi The Unreasonable Usefulness of Early Time Supernova Observations [PDF]
11:50 Stefano Valenti Exploring the unified class of Type II Supernovae with the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network [PDF]
12:10 Federica Bianco Learning about stripped envelope SN explosions [PDF] [KEY]
12:30-14:00 Lunch

Time Domain Science

Chair: Iair Arcavi
14:00 Andy Howell The LCOGT Supernovae Key Project [KEY]
14:20 Curtis McCully Clues about the Identity of the Progenitors of
Thermonuclear Supernovae from Early Time Observations [PDF]
14:40 Yi Cao Strong Ultraviolet Pulse From a Newborn Type Ia Supernova [PPTX]
15:00 Peter Brown Swift Ultraviolet Supernova Observations - Past and Future [PPTX]
15:20-15:50 Coffee break
15:50 Alicia Soderberg Supernova Forensics: Stellar Investigations from Birth to Death and Beyond [KEY]
16:30 Patrick Kelly The Discovery of the First Multiply Imaged Strongly Lensed Supernova [KEY.tgx]
16:50 Jerod Parrent Data Culture in the Supernova Community [PDF]

Evening Sessions

Beginning 18:30 in the Riviera Ballroom Chair: Griffin Hosseinzadeh
VOEvent Hands-On Session, hosted by John Swinbank & Tim Staley
Discussion of inter-observatory communications
Discussion points presented by Andy Howell

Thursday, May 14 2015

Tarball of Thursday's talks

08:25 Rachel Street Logistics

Requirements for Time Domain Follow-up

Chair: Stefano Valenti


Leo Singer

The Needle in the 100-Square-Degree Haystack: Bootstrapping Advanced LIGO Follow-Up With Fermi and PTF [PDF] [KEY]

09:00 Hsin-Yu Chen Facilitating follow-up of EM counterparts [KEY.TGZ]
09:20 Ori Fox Infrared Follow-up Observations of Supernovae in the Hot-Wired Era [PPTX]
09:40 Casey Law Real-Time Commensal Fast Transient Searches with the Very Large Array [KEY]
10:00 Hadrien Devillepoix Transient astronomy with the Desert Fireball Network [PDF]
10:20 Giacomo Vianello A time-scale-agnostic blind search for transients in X-ray and gamma-ray data [HTML]
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break

Databases, data mining and data sharing

Chair: Curtis McCully


Tim Staley

How to build a TraP: An image-plane transient-discovery pipeline [PDF]

11:40 Dexter Jagula Astronomy's Data Problem [PPTX] [MPG]
12:00 Simon Hodgkin Gaia Science Alerts: The First Year [KEY]
12:20 Jeff Scargle Enhancements of Bayesian Blocks; Application to Large Light Curve Databases [PDF]
12:40-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Nikolaus Volgenau
14:00 Peter Shawhan Prompt alerts for gravitational-wave event candidates [PPTX]
14:20 Roy Williams Understanding and Annotating LIGO-Virgo Probability Maps [PDF] [PPTX]
14:40 Daniela Huppenkothen

New Statistical Tools for Studying Variability in Transient Light Curves [PDF] [PPTX]

15:00 Todd Boroson

LCOGT-A Unique Time Domain Observatory [PDF]


Coffee break

Coordinating Follow-up Efforts

Chair: Eric Saunders


Chris Lintott

Hotwiring the Crowd : Real-time Citizen Science [KEY]

16:20 Rachel Street The Spitzer Microlensing Program: A case study in crowdsourcing follow-up observations between humans and robots. [PDF]
16:40 Gautham Narayan ANTARES: Hunting the Time-domain for the Rarest of the Rare [KEY.TGZ]
17:00 Iair Arcavi The Supernova Exchange (SNEx) [PDF]

Conference Dinner

18:30 Bus departs from Canary Hotel
19:00 Conference photo at BPL Observatory
19:05 onwards Party at LCOGT Headquarters
Bus will shuttle attendees back to the Canary afterwards

Friday, May 15 2015

Tarball of Friday's talks

08:25 Rachel Street Logistics

Time Domain Observing Resources

Chair: Melissa Graham
08:30 Scott Barthelmy GCN/TAN: Status [PDF]
08:50 Rob Siverd The KELT Follow-up Network [PPTX]
09:10 Chris Davis Time domain astronomy with the Liverpool Telescope and Liverpool Telescope 2 [PPTX]
09:30 Guy Rixon Publication arrangements for Gaia Photometric Science Alerts [KEY ZIP]
09:50 Guillaume Belanger Looking into the Crab's X-ray Pulse Profile [KEY]
10:10-10:40 Coffee break
Chair: Rachel Street
10:40 Griffin Hosseinzadeh FLOYDS: A robotic spectrograph for the Faulkes Telescopes [PDF]
11:00 Jochen Greiner Follow-up capabilities with the 7-channel GROND instrument [PDF] [PPT]
11:20 Eric Saunders 1 year of LCOGT v1.0: experience and lessons learned [PDF]
11:40 Tim Staley Automated scheduling for fun and profit: Application of Bayesian decision theory to transient follow-up [PDF]
12:00 Stephen Potter Transient Science at the South African Astronomical Observatory [ODP]
12:20 Jonathan Swift The Renovation of the Thacher Observatory [KEY.ZIP]


Klink et al., The Thacher School The Renovation and Future Capabilities of The Thacher Observatory
Starrfield et al., Arizona State University, Studies of Accretion of Solar Material onto White Dwarfs

Huang & Wu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prototype Study of a GRB Alert Distribution System Based on VOEvent for the SVOM Mission CSC

Wu & Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ground Wide Angle Cameras of SVOM