How to keep a telescope dry

Not only keeping the telescopes dry but safe from wind, snow and all adverse weather conditions.

0.4m Update

The next batch of 0.4m telescopes are nearly done being built and have begun to be wired up.  The current plan is that the first pair will be sent to Haleakala at the end of March 2009 (where they will be housed inside the FTN clamshell), the next pair to Siding Spring at the end of April 2009 (housed inside the FTS clamshell), and one telescope going to Cerro Tololo mid-late summer 2009 (with another one to follow soon after).  These will not be released onto the network right away as the network software needs time to be tested.

Presenting our new website!

This January not only marks the beginning of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, but also the official launch of our new website. There are many new features and more will be appearing over the next few months. There is also lots of exciting work happening, while we push ahead with building the network - check back regularly for updates!

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