Science museum, space telescope and thousands of people

I've spent the past 2 days talking to total of about 2000 people at the Science Museum in London, with Dr Haley Gomez (Cardiff University) and others. We were talking to people in the Antenna gallery whose sole purpose is to show people what is happening in science now. Not just things from the last 12 months, but really now. We stood by a 1:4 scale model of the Herschel Space Observatory which was launched into space only 2 weeks ago, on 18 May. Having a bright shiny model next to you is a great talking point.

School blog about exoplanet observing

We've recently launched an exoplanet observing programme, and are looking for people to help with observing these very rare microlensing events. One such group in Ireland has already taken up the challenge and successfully observed 10 different candidates (each one multiple times). Each time the group meets they write a detailed blog entry about their experiences.

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