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Latest images from our newest camera

We have been commissioning a new camera over the past few months, called Spectral (although it is an imaging camera not a spectrometer).  One of our science interns (BJ Fulton) has been following an open cluster monitoring program and has been among the first people to use the spectral camera on Faulkes Telescope North  for science. BJ is particularly interested in finding out the mass of the stars in these clusters.

What is everyone talking about?

I rediscovered a tool that I had forgotten about this morning. A website called Wordle which can grab all the text from a website, rss feed or even a paragraph that you submit and graphically display the words in a semi-artistic way. Larger words representing a greater frequency of that word. Its very like a tag cloud, but looks at the whole text rather than just the tags and then produces a non-clickable picture (ignoring words like 'and' and 'the'). It gives you an attractive and visual way to find out what are popular topics on our website.

Update on the 0.4m enclosure

The development of our custom made enclosures for our 0.4m telescopes is continuing. The project is called Aqawan, which is the Chumash word for 'to be dry'. Have a look at my previous blog entry about the aqawan design.