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UK school makes a movie of Comet Hartley

Recently a school in the UK contacted us who have been using our network through our partnership with Faulkes Telescope Project. It is always great to hear from people using our network. It looks like they made the most of a bad weather situation.

CSTA Annual Conference

Last weekend, October 22-24, was the California Science Teachers Association's annual conference in Sacramento. The conference featured 14 hours of workshops, two general sessions, six focus speakers, four field courses, 16 short courses, as well as keynote speakers Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from the television show Mythbusters.

Site Development at Sedgwick and the Back Parking Lot



Nearby, fast rotating asteroid observed on FTN

Once again, Richard Miles from British Astronomical Association's Asteroids and Comets section has glimpsed another fast rotating asteroid, called 2010 TD54. It is estimated that this asteroid is only 7 (+/-2) m in diameter. This asteroid is small and faint, but fortunately it is passing close to the earth at present allowing us a great view. 

Star Party at Sedgwick Reserve

On October 2nd, a group of 16 guests had an in-depth tour of LCOGT's Goleta office and workshop, while learning about LCOGT's mission and goals. They traveled in executive shuttles to Sedgwick Reserve, where they were welcomed by Sedgwick staff and volunteer docents, as well as astronomers and volunteers from LCOGT.