Linking Data

One of the great advantages of the world wide web has been the ability for anyone to make a website and link it to any other. This openness, and the ground-up approach, has led to the mass of interconnected web pages we see today. However, as more and more data makes its way online, computers are failing to understand the connections between different data sets. That is where the idea of Linked Data comes in. Linked Data is simply a way of describing and storing data on the web and saying how data on web page A is connected to data on web page B.

First Science Results from Sedgwick

On November 11, 2010 the BOS telescope at Sedgwick Reserve produced its first science result. BJ Fulton controlled the 0.8m telescope from Santa Barbara while the Santa Ynez Valley was enjoying good weather and seeing conditions. Taking 120 second exposures through the SDSS-I filter over a period of about six hours, BJ and Avi Shporer produced a well defined light curve for transiting planet HAT-P-25b.

Network Progress on Ground and on Sky


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