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Small Binocular Telescope in 3D

We recently hosted a workshop in our Santa Barbara headquarters at the end of the KITP annual teachers' conference. During the tour around the facilities, one teacher (Steve Cooperman) took some stereograms and made anaglyphs out of them (click on the images to the right, for bigger versions). He has kindly provided us with some very nice examples (you will need to put on old-fashioned red-blue 3D glasses for the full effect). These images of are of our testing rig for the 1m, which currently has 2 co-mounted, smaller telescopes on it. Below Steve has given us an account of how he achieved it.

Goleta Students Use Faulkes Telescope and Win Gold Medals at County Science Fair

Tonight at the Santa Barbara County Science fair, Daniel Godinez, Caylin Canales and Rishika Singh all won gold medals for their science fair projects and will be going to the state science fair next month!

Amateur astronomer pays FTS a visit

Experienced amateur astronomer, Richard Miles, recently visited Faulkes Telescope South . Richard has been leading our recent observing programme to follow a cometary outburst, and provides expert advice for our Asteroids and Comets programme . He was on holiday in Australia and took some excellent long exposure images of the night sky where you can see FTS and stars!

New exoplanets turn planetary theory upside down

The discovery of nine new planets challenges the reigning theory of the formation of planets, according to new observations by astronomers, 2 of which for our own Dr Rachel Street and Dr Tim Lister .