Here Come The Men In Black

I have dubbed Ross Ito, Taylor Nakamura, and Dane Oshiro "The Men In Black".  They have started showing up at the Science and Engineering fairs dressed in black and looking sharp.  The students have been working with the assistance of Avi Shporer, BJ Foulton, and J. D. Armwstong with data from the Faulkes Telescope North, the Faulkes Telescope South, and the Sedgwick observatory.  The students, who attend Maui High School, have been studying exoplanets -- investigating new techniques for detecting orbital variations.

First Sedgwick Star Party for 2011

Friday evening, March 4, was the first of many in the 2011 season for star parties at Sedgwick Reserve. Rachel Ross and Robert Paulson of LCOGT attended, as well as Fred Marschak and one of this students from Santa Barbara City College.

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