Supernova Sonata featured on APOD

Astronomy Picture of the Day (or APOD) featured the Supernova Sonata, featuring stars exploding to music. 

Progress update on our network sites

The LCOGT network will consist of at least six sites around the world to create its unique capabilities to observe for 24/7 in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. These sites include additions to Haleakala and Siding Spring next to the two Faulkes Telescopes. Other sites include Chile, South Africa, Texas, and the Canary Islands plus two more potential sites in China and Western Australia.

Photon Ranch Star Party

We held our first star party at Photon Ranch for 2011. The guests were from The Oaks Parent Child Workshop, a preschool located in Santa Barbara. For the past two years, LCOGT has donated a star party as a silent auction item to raise money for the school. Last year the star party was held at Sedgwick Reserve, this year we extended the group to include entire families. In total, we had about 18 guests as well as Wayne Rosing, Dorothy Largay, John Martinez, and Rachel Ross from LCOGT.

Two Sedgwick Star Parties in One Week

UH Maui College Students Visit Faulkes North

Recently Dr. John Pye brought students from his astronomy class to visit the Faulkes Telescope North. Each semester Dr. Pye brings his students from UH Maui College to the summit for an evening observing with the Faulkes Telescope North, and with smaller telescopes brought by the HaleakalāAmateur astronomers. The event allows students to compare objects seen through the eye piece with objects imaged with a professional telescope. Students are also able to collect data for their projects, including asteroid follow-up. The tour of the facilities makes the subject real, and allows students to understand the importance and beauty of what happens at the summit.

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