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End of Summer Sedgwick Star Party

Over the weekend, warm weather and clear skies created the perfect night for a star party at Sedgwick. Donated by LCOGT to the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) for their annual benefit, which includes both a live and silent auction. The auction winner was from Mesa Lane Partners, who is an active partner of the EDC.

Rachel Ross and Kurt Vander Horst from LCOGT and Kate McCurdy and Dennis Nord from Sedgwick were joined by the group in the early evening and enjoyed cold drinks with a fruit and cheese platter followed by a walk around the property. A delicious dinner was then provided by Omni Fresco Catering. After dinner, we headed up to the observatory and were greeted by coffee, tea, and cookies while waiting for the sky to get dark enough to begin seeing stars and begin a sky tour.

Seeking Amateur Images of M101, Aug 22-24, for Supernova 2011fe

Members of the LCOGT supernova team have been monitoring the evolution of a newly discovered supernova in M101. The discovery was made by the Palomar Transient Factory team on 24 August, which LCOGT astronomers are part of.

A Keiki's Dream

A Keiki's Dream
The Keiki's Dream program grants dream days to children who have gone through particular hardships

Early discovery of pinwheel supernova makes APOD

Astronomy Picture of the Day (or APOD as it is affectionately know) has been delighting astronomy enthusiasts since 1995 with a daily image related to astronomy. It has a huge following and accepts astronomy and space related images from anyone whether they are professional astronomers, amateur astronomers, or good astro-photographers. The only requirement is that the image should be interesting and relevant to the audience. There is a great deal of competition for one of these prized, daily spots and I am very pleased to say that today LCOGT is featured with A Young Supernova in the Nearby Pinwheel Galaxy.

Update at Chile Site

(This is a quick update to the blog article First Dome Installed in Chile)