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Excitement at DPS2013 for the LCOGT occultation network

The Division for Planetary Science' (DPS) annual meeting unfolded last week in Denver, CO. This is the main gathering for Solar System and exoplanet scientists, and LCOGT, of course, was there!

LCOGT's unique capabilities help identify supernova progenitor

In June of this year, supernova iPTF13bvn, surprised astrophysicists by revealing  its parentage. To date, Type Ib supernovae have appeared to come from nowhere. Type Ib supernovae explosions appear in surveys, but a search back through the archived data has so far resulted in no evidence of a progenitor, likely because they are simply too faint. A recently documented search for progenitors on a dozen Type Ib supernovae resulted in a dozen non-detections.

Siding Spring open day 2013

Recently the annual Siding Spring Open Day took place. There were several hundred people who were taken on tours around the LCOGT observatory by the observatory manager, Mark Willis.