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astroEDU: Improving educational activities through peer-review

LCOGT is pleased to announce a new platform for high-quality, peer-reviewed astronomy education activities has been launched today by the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development. astroEDU is a platform that allows educators to discover, review, distribute, improve and remix astronomy education activities, and offers a free peer-review service by professionals in education and science. astroEDU came about through a partnership between LCOGT, Universe Awareness and IAU.

Hundreds of thousands of astronomy education activities exist, but their quality is highly variable. Using the familiar peer-review workflow of scientific publications, astroEDU will improve the quality, visibility and accessibility of these astronomy education activities. Because astroEDU is endorsed by the International Astronomical Union is also lends credibility to these activities.

Call for Key Project proposals 2014A & B

Call for Proposals for Key Projects to use the LCOGT 1m and 2m telescope networks