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Las Cumbres Observatory Integrates the Chow Telescope

FORT DAVIS — McDonald Observatory held their semi-annual University of Texas at Austin Astronomy Program’s Board of Visitors meeting over the weekend with more than 400 participants from the funding, agency and astronomy communities. A significant event among science talks, telescope tours and social mixers and meals at the conference was the dedication of the Alan Y. Chow Telescope at the observatory’s Frank N. Bash Visitors Center.

Summer Science Students Tour LCOGT

Thirty-six science and engineering students visited LCOGT headquarters today

Dying Herschel snapped by amateur astronomers

The LCOGT education operations centre is based in Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy alongside the UK Herschel Outreach OfficeHerschel Space Observatory spent over three years taking stunning images of the Universe in far infrared wavelengths, but in April the spacecraft depleted the last of its helium coolant, concluding science operations. After this, the spacecraft operations team performed a series of engineering tests. A series of thruster burns moved it from its orbit around the Lagrangian point, L2 1.5 million kilometres from the Earth, and into an orbit around the Sun. Finally, in June, the spacecraft was switched off.