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Here are some of the best images created using our Astrophotography "How-to" guide, with observations made on various LCOGT telescopes.

Adding Photo to Flickr/ Getting Information Tagged (Astrometry)

Get a Flickr account by going to and filling out the information they need.

Call for proposals 2013B

Call for Proposals to use the LCOGT 2m telescope facilities

Sinistro astronomy imager captures first light

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT), with first lights at nine new 1-meter telescopes since April of 2012, achieved another critical milestone by capturing the first on-sky image with a production Sinistro camera. In development for over six years, the camera is arguably more important than the telescopes that will use them. “A telescope is really nothing more than a large camera lens,” explained Joe Tufts, instrumentation scientist on the Sinistro project. “A large, precise, stable, and very expensive camera lens.”

Big Dipper to Southern Cross

This weekend LCOGT are hosting a live astronomy Google+ Hangout. On Saturday 3 August between 21:00UTC and 23:00UTC, myself and Robert Hollow (CSIRO education officer) will be hosting Big Dipper to Southern Cross, in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders. For 2 hours, Rob and myself will be giving you a tour of the Southern Hemisphere night sky using one of the newly installed LCOGT 1-meter telescopes at our Sutherland observatory, South Africa.