Asteroid Day and asteroid monitoring at LCOGT

Today is Asteroid Day! At LCOGT We have been observing asteroids since the 2005, back when we only had our 2 flagship, 2-meter class telescopes. Asteroid Day is about sharing global awareness of asteroid impacts. So, we are sharing this movie of the past few nights images of (1566) Icarus, an asteroid which passed 5 million miles from Earth (thats 21 times further than the Moon is away). It made its closet approach to the Earth on 16 June 2015, and is now heading in towards the Sun.

Call for semester 2015B proposals

Call for proposals to use LCOGT 1m & 2m telescope Network.

Open Source astronomy with snakes and ponies

Over the past 2 months I have attended 2 conferences about software development. The first, Python in Astronomy, focused on the software tools astronomers have developed to help them to do research and how we can support each other, mostly in Python. The second, DjangoCon Europe, was for developers who are either freelancers or work for software houses. There were almost 10 times as many people at DjangoCon (400) as at Python in Astronomy (50).

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