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Technical Data for Merope Camera

Format 2K x 2K 13.5-micron pixels
FOV (arcmin) 4.7
Pixel size (1x1 binning, arcsec) 0.139
Pixel size (2x2 binning, arcsec) 0.278
Normal Binning 2 x 2
Cycle time (readout+overhead; 1x1 binning, s) 80
Cycle time (readout+overhead; 2x2 binning, s) 29
Read noise (e-) 4.0
Gain (e-/ADU) 2.0
Dark current (e-/pix-s) 0.0356
Filters Johnson-Cousins/Bessell UBVRI
SDSS/PanSTARRS u’g’r’i’z’sYw
Narrowband Filters Hα, Hβ, OIII, D51,
Astrodon-UV, Skymapper v
'Hale-Bopp set', consisting of OH, C3, C2, CN, NH

Description of Standard filters