Science Collaboration

The LCO Science Collaboration includes the institutions that have contributed significant resources in order to create the existing global network.  These institutions not only have access to their own observing time on the network, they also work together to carry out key projects of larger size and scope.  We believe that the enlargement of our existing network will increase its capabilities, not only through the increase of available time, but through greater robustness, increased sky coverage, and the ability to integrate multiple scientific and educational programs.  We are looking for additional institutions that are able to make a significant investment in the network and to join the collaboration.

At this time, we have three 1-meter telescopes and fifteen 0.4-meter telescopes not yet deployed.  We intend to site the 1-meter telescopes at our current or planned sites in the northern hemisphere, and the 0.4-meter telescopes at all our current or planned sites.  These undeployed telescopes provide an opportunity for new institutions to join the Science Collaboration without the necessity to find the capital to build a new telescope.

For a purchase of a minimum of 5000 hours over a period of five years or less at the standard price, we will add the purchasing institution to our science collaboration for five years.  We will use these funds towards deployment of additional 1-meter telescopes to our northern hemisphere sites.  During this time, the new member would have all the rights and privileges of the other members of the Science Collaboration.

We will offer a similar arrangement for the 0.4-meter telescopes, though access in this case will be limited to the 0.4-meter network.

For more information, contact Todd Boroson (observatory director)

Joining the LCO Science Collaboration