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Dr. Armin Rest

Wednesday February 26, 2020

Chasing Supernovae Explosions with Kepler

Direct Relief Global Headquarters
6100 Wallace Becknell Road, Goleta

7:00 pm

Professor Armin Rest is an Associate Astronomer at STScI. Functionally, he is an instrument scientist of JWST/NIRCam, mainly working on the calibration of NIRCam. He is also leading the PS1 public archive, and he is part of the Hubble Source Catalog team. His research interest is in supernovae and other transients.

Chasing Supernovae Explosions with Kepler

The Kepler Telescope discovered and revolutionized our understanding of 1000s of exoplanets. However, it also has given us the oppportunity to study supernova explosions with exquisite accuracy. I will talk about how we can use these Kepler light curves to learn about the progenitors of the different types of supernovae and the physics of their explosion mechanisms.

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