Mirrors for Sale

Professional telescope mirrors for sale

LCO has several extra sets of 1.0 meter and 2.0 meter aperture mirror sets for sale. These are identical to those in our deployed telescopes. They are unused and have been stored in our warehouse in their original packing material. We can provide Zemax optical prescription, original documentation and test results. 

Note: 1.0 meter sets currently unavailable

Primary diameter 1.0 meter 2.0 meter
Central hole diameter 33.0 cm 75.0 cm
Material (mfd. by) Schott Borofloat 33 (Hextek) Astrositall (LZOS)
Figured/polished by LZOS (aluminized and overcoated) LZOS
Primary figure f/2.5 hyperboloid f/3 hyperboloid
Primary thickness 17.1 cm (faceplate & ribs) 17.5 cm (solid)
Primary weight 72 kg 1100 kg
Secondary diameter 32.5 cm 74.5 cm
Final focal ratio f/7.95 (quasi-RC) f/10 (RC)
Secondary thickness 5.5 cm (faceplate & ribs) 13.0 cm (lightweighted)
Secondary weight 5.5 kg 42 kg
Field of view 48 arcmin (corrected) 40 arcmin (corrected)

1.0 meter mirror set (primary and secondary): $152,500 (shipping wt: 600 lbs) 2.0 meter mirror set (primary and secondary): $686,000 (shipping wt: 6700 lbs) 2.0 meter primary only: $455,000 (shipping wt: 5950 lbs)

All prices plus applicable taxes and shipping

For more information, contact:
Todd Boroson
Las Cumbres Observatory
6740 Cortona Dr., Suite 102
Goleta, CA 93117