Guidelines for applying for telescope time

As of 1 Feb 2014 our time allocation process is handled by an online proposal submission system. The information in this page is no longer current, but has been kept as a historical record only. Please see the current proposal guidelines page for up to date information.

On this page you will find all the supplementary information you will need for making an application to LCOGT for use of the telescope network. We have a provided a LaTex template and style file for use in applying for time as well as an exposure time calculator.

LaTex Template

Please use this template file for making all submissions. The file template.tex has custom elements which you will need to uncomment to activate. For example: 

In this case the option bessellB is not commented out and will appear on the final proposal (and Halpha is commented out, so will not appear). 

There are many options already included in the file to assist with formatting the proposal.

You can download the template, style file, example pdf and all the images that were used to make them below:

Important LaTex and template notes

  • dvips & ps2pdf This seems to be the most reliable way to produce well formatted pdf files. dvips should be called with the '-t letter' option e.g
latex myproposal.tex
dvips -tletter myproposal -o
ps2pdf myproposal.pdf
  • dvipdf: This uses dvips and gs to produce a pdf file. It can produce problems with page size and will use your system default
  • dvipdfm:
    • This sometimes has problems with eps files, which may result in images not being displayed. Try converting your images to pdf format.
    • You can pass the '-p letter' option to ensure that your page setup is correct.
  • pdflatex:
    This can produce an error with the frontpage tag in the tex file.
    Ignore that error, it should not affect the outcome. However, you may
    need to update the graphics handler in the tex file to one which
    understands eps format, or convert images to a format which is compatible (e.g. pdf).
  • Too much text: If you enter too much text in the regions of the LaTex template, the text will overrun the boxes when you view your final PDF. Please edit your text accordingly.


Exposure Time Calculator

We have provided this tool to assist you with making calculations of the time that you request. Please note that the Calculator will allow you to select 2m, 1m and 0.4m telescopes. In this round of applications we will only be accepting submissions for 2m time.

The exposure time calculator is based on measurements made with the Merope camera and Faulkes Telescope North .

You can access it at this address:

Information about Cameras and Filters

We have 2 cameras available on each of Faulkes Telescope North and Faulkes Telescope South ; Merope and Spectral

We also have made details of our filter sets available to assist your applications.

Submission Form

Your final proposal document must be submitted in PDF format. We require you to submit it through our Observing Proposal Portal.

You will need to register for an account on the Observing Proposal portal to be able to submit a proposal.