Seminar Series


Sydney Barnes, Lowell Observatory

08 Dec 2011 - 16:00

Gyrochronology is a method of deriving the precise age of a cool star from its measured rotation period, itself derived from photometric time-series observations from the ground or from space. Although derived originally using open-cluster observations, it can potentially be applied on a massive scale to field stars, permitting the construction of the "histories" of astronomical phenomena, and even a "chronology of the Galaxy." I will relate the empirical origins of gyrochronology, and connect these to relevant theoretical issues in cool star rotation and activity. A hybrid of theoretical and observational approaches seems to promise the best ages, including pointers for removing errors in prior age determination methods, and insights into the underlying physics. Finally, I will outline how small surveys are changing, and large surveys could potentially revolutionize, our understanding of the ages of astronomical objects, and of related evolutionary processes in the Galaxy.

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