Seminar Series

The AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS)

Arne Henden, AAVSO

05 Aug 2013 - 12:00

The AAVSO is completing an all-sky survey designed to provide calibrated photometry and modern astrometry for 70 million stars in the magnitude range 10 < V < 17.  Five filters are being used: Johnson B and V to connect with the decades of prior photometry, especially of variable stars; and Sloan g', r', i' to provide the bridge to many modern photometric studies.  The goal is to provide a calibrated star approximately every square arcminute of sky, with an accuracy of a few percent.
Seven data releases have been made, calibrating about 52 million stars.  The eighth release will occur in about a month.  We are also extending this survey to include the Zs and Y bandpasses, and with a short exposure set of images to push saturation to V=7.  Early results of the survey will be presented, along with a timeline for completion.

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