Seminar Series

Modeling the Climates of (Exo)planets

Nathan Mayne, University of Exeter, UK

11 Dec 2014 - 15:30

I will give a simple overview of the dominant processes determining the state of a planetary atmosphere, and its evolution (i.e. climate). I will then explore how models capture some of these processes and can be adapted from the study of Earth to extra Solar planets (exoplanets), in particular hot Jupiters (a class of exoplanet Jovian in size but orbiting very close to their parent star). I will then briefly review the observations of hot Jupiters (the most constrained of exoplanets), and the puzzles such observations present, before detailing our progress and plans towards solving these puzzles. Finally I will discuss the plans for our project/group over the coming 5-10 years, where we aim to develop the theoretical tools and expertise to interpret the observations from future instrumentation.

LCO Seminar Series,
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