Seminar series

Planets with HATNet and HATSouth

Gaspar Bakos, Princeton

21 Jun 2012 - 16:00

The HATNet survey has been operating a network of small, wide-field telescopes for 7 years to search for transiting extrasolar planets. I will summarize the instrument setup, operations, and highlight some of the discoveries and recent scientific results. The HATSouth project is a new survey in the Southern hemisphere, employing 6 larger telescopes with 24 optical tube assemblies altogether, installed at 3 prime locations (Chile, Namibia, Australia).  HATSouth is monitoring 128 square degrees on the sky round-the-clock.  I will review the most important changes with respect to HATNet, and will discuss the advantages of the HATSouth setup.  I will show HATS-1b, our first transiting exoplanet discovery with HATSouth.

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