Current, past, and future projects involving satellites and space debris.

Optical sensing for AGI's ComSpOC  

We contribute satellite positions that are used in creating two-line element sets (TLEs) for AGI's ComSpOC. Every day we track mostly geostationary satellites and pass the positions along to AGI as they come in.


Differentiation of satellites in frames with more than one satellite

The ANIK cluster: ANIK F1R, ANIK G1, and ANIK F1Geostationary satellites sometimes come in clusters. For example, the ANIK cluster has three satellites positioned close together, close enough that it is difficult to tell which is which by using position information derived from Space-Track TLEs alone. We have provided a few months of data of this satellite cluster to a collaborator in the interest of testing out an algorithm that can figure out which satellite is which by using brightness information.


Survey of objects in geostationary orbit

We are interested in conducting a survey of all objects in the geostationary belt down to around 14th magnitude.