Teapots from Space

Teapots from Space is a series of "potcasts" about the adventures of a teapot from space. It was created by Edward Gomez and Jon Yardley in 2008.

Episode 1: Attack of the Space Junk

The first episode of 'Teapots from Space'. How much space junk is there and how did it get into space? Watch the space teapots and teapot-abducted astronomers talk about space junk and space telescopes.

Episode 2: Close Encounters with Herschel and Planck

What are the Herschel and Planck telescopes doing in space? The teapots find out more about the coldest points in space.

Episode 3

The Teapots from Space perfect the art of teapot abduction to find out what astronomers are, what they spend their time looking at, why they like astronomy, and whether they take sugar in their tea.

Episode 4

The space teapots have combined the leftovers from different abductions to create the perfect scientist, who explains how and why stars explode into supernovae.