K2SciCon Accommodation



Rooms are available at the Fess Parker at a heavily discounted single/double rate of $151 per night (not including tax). They also have resort view rooms with 1 king bed available for $189 per night.  Guests arriving 1-2 days prior will receive a preferred rate of $189.  These rates include complimentary internet and a discounted parking rate of $10 per day for overnight guests.
After this date, the room rate is likely to jump to over $300 per night!

The hotel offers complimentary transport to/from the airport and the Amtrack station.

Beware phishing attempts!

Some attendees have received phone calls from unknown people falsely claiming to represent the meeting organizers, pressuring attendees to make hotel reservations over the phone. DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION and report any contact to the K2SciCon LOC. Neither the organizing committee nor the hotel will be contacting attendees by unsolicited phone call.