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Astronomical Images

Below are images taken using Las Cumbres Observatory by the astrophotography community. Each image typically takes 5 - 10 hours of observing time and expert image processing.

Image use is governed by Creative Commons Licence

NGC 5643
NGC 5643 galaxy, co…
M27 dumbbell nebula
M27 Dumbell nebula
ngc6946 galaxy
NGC6946 by BJ Fulton
ngc7380 nebula
NGC7380 nebula
ngc2359 nebula
NGC2359, Thor's Hel…
ngc2264 cone nebula
NGC2264 taken at LC…
ngc1672 galaxy
NGC1672 taken at LC…
ngc1532 galaxy
NGC1532 galaxy
ngc1365 galaxy
NGC1365 galaxy
ngc1300 galaxy
NGC1300 taken at LC…
NGC1232 galaxy
NGC1232 galaxy
ngc1097 galaxies
NGC1097 taken at LC…
ngc891 galaxy
NGC891 by BJ Fulton
m95 galaxy
M95 galaxy
ngc772 galaxy
NGC772 galaxy
M81 and M82 spiral galaxies
M81 and M82. Spiral…
M81 galaxy
M81 galaxy. BJ Fult…
m51 galaxy
M82 galaxy
M82 by BJ Fulton
ic5146 nebula
ic5146 nebula
Horsehead nebula
Horsehead nebula
Eagle Nebula
Eagle Nebula
The Eagle Nebula
M16, The Eagle Nebu…
M104 galaxy
M104 by BJ Fulton
Supernova Sn2011fe
Sn2011fe BJ Fulton
NGC7331 by BJ Fulton
NGC1333 by Diana Dr…
Swan Nebula
Thor's Helmet
NGC2359, Thor's Hel…
NGC 4945 taken with…
M65 galaxy
M65. Taken by a 1m …
The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
The Southern Pinwhe…
NGC 5128 galaxy
NGC 5128 is a pecul…
M51, Whirlpool Galaxy
M51. Observing & Im…
NGC 2261 2-metre Ha…
NGC 3508 from LCO 1m
NGC3508. It combine…