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Education has been a core aspect of Las Cumbres Observatory since it was founded in 2005. Our educational mission is to inspire learners of all ages, through the use of robotic telescopes, in the wonders of the universe.

We run two complementary programs that support this mission: the Global Sky Partners and our education Resources for astronomy.

  Serol's Cosmic Explorers

Serol in a rocket flying through space

LCO’s friendly robot Serol takes you on a journey through our Universe. You will investigate many different cosmic objects, and take pictures of them using robotic telescopes.

For children and adults 8 years and up, for free!

Join Serol
  Global Sky Partners

Global Sky Partners logo

The Global Sky Partners use our network of robotic telescopes in observing campaigns and open-ended science investigations.

More about our program


Excellence in Education

Innovative, scalable and sustainable education projects using LCO's robotic telescopes.


Online and print resources explore the lifecycle of stars, types of astronomical objects, and telescopes.

Observing Information

Helpful guides for those using LCO’s robotic telescopes for educational projects.