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Licensing of images and data

All images and data derived from observations made at LCO facilities are made available for scientific or educational use, subject to the Creative Commons license BY-NC 4.0 and in the case of science data, subject to an additional proprietary period. This allows for all LCO data and images, which are not subject to a proprietary restriction, to be freely shared and redistributed on the condition that an appropriate attribution is made.

An example attribution is below:

"Image taken with [insert telescope name or observatory and class] operated by Las Cumbres Observatory"

Any use of LCO images and data not for scientific or educational purposes, e.g. for commercial purposes, is not permitted unless through an explicit arrangement. Please contact us at

Acknowledgments and Citations

Any scientific publication which results from the use of LCO facilities should include an acknowledgment of this resource:

"This work makes use of observations from the Las Cumbres Observatory global telescope network."

Please be as specific about the aperture, site(s) and instruments as you can. For example: FLOYDS spectrograph on the LCOGT 2m telescope at Siding Spring. Publications that use data from the MuSCAT3 instrument should include the acknowledgment: “This paper is based on observations made with the MuSCAT3 instrument, developed by Astrobiology Center and under financial supports by JSPS KAKENHI (JP18H05439) and JST PRESTO (JPMJPR1775), at Faulkes Telescope North on Maui, HI, operated by the Las Cumbres Observatory.”

Note that we advocate the use of LCOGT as our acronym in scientific publications to avoid confusion with Las Campanas Observatory.  The appropriate citation for the observatory,  describing  the goals, capabilities and research interests of LCO is:

"Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network", Brown, T. M. et al.,  Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013, Volume 125, issue 931, pp.1031-1055


If you would like to use our images for commercial purposes, or if further information or assistance is needed, please contact