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1. Finding Your Way Around the Sky

Learn how to navigate the night sky.

2. The Nature of Light

Discover how we learn about the universe through light.

3. How Telescopes Work

Understand the capabilities and limitations of telescopes.

4. The Solar System

Learn about the planets in our solar system and how they formed.

5. Life Cycle of Stars

Learn about the lives of stars, and their use in measuring distances.

6. Magnitudes and Distance Measurement

Discover key concepts for understanding distance and scale in the universe.

7. Exoplanets

Learn about extrasolar planets, and the methods used to find them.

8. Galaxies

Learn about galaxy types, what they contain, and their history of discovery.

9. Cosmology

Find out about the beginning, evolution, and future of the universe.

10. Astrobiology

Learn about life on Earth, and the possibilities for life elsewhere.