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Astronomy on Tap

Gaia: Nearly 10 years of observing the Galaxy in motion.
Katarzyna Kruszyńska (LCO)

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Astronomy on Tap

What is lurking inside infra-red dark clouds?
Sean Carey (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, Caltech)

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Astronomy on Tap

A Supernova that Exploded Twice
Estefania Padilla Gonzalez (LCO, UCSB)

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Astronomy on Tap

The Obi-wan Kenobi of Stars
Curtis McCully (Las Cumbres Observatory)



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Astronomy on Tap

Strange Giants: High Mass Brown Dwarfs and Gliese 229B
Samuel Whitebook (UCSB and Caltech)


Astronomy on Tap

Our Galileo Moment and Our Cosmic Future
Juna Kollmeier (CITA/University of Toronto)

Out-of-this-world vacations with the Exoplanet Travel Bureau
Andrew Ridden-Harper (LCO)


Astronomy on Tap

Pathway to a Post-Global Warming Future — A Brief Overview of Climate Science, Consequences, and Solutions
Jeffrey Bennett

1000 pictures, 10,000 tools: A Brief History of the Tools that have Enabled Astronomy
Prerana Kottapalli (PK) [she/her] (Las Cumbres Observatory)

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Astronomy on Tap

Throwing DART(s) at Asteroids: NASA's First Planetary Defense Mission
Dr. Tim Lister (Las Cumbres Observatory)

Using an Earth-sized Telescope to Make the First Images of Black Holes.
Joseph Farah (LCO & UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

James Webb Space Telescope: It Ain't Just for Pretty Pictures
Griffin Hosseinzadeh (University of Arizona)

Things That Go Bump in the Night
Jill Rastinejad (CIERA/Northwestern University)

Dr. Tim Lister

Public Talk
Sep 13, 2022

Dr. Tim Lister (Las Cumbres Observatory)


Astronomy on Tap

Your intrepid hosts (LCO/UCSB)


Public Talk
Oct 14, 2020

Emily Levesque (University of Washington)


Public Talk
Feb 26, 2020

Armin Rest (STScI)

Aot Feb

Astronomy on Tap

How To Draw A Fuzzy Doughnut: A Portrait Of The Largest Black Hole In Our Galaxy
Sean Ressler (UCSB)

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse: Is it about to explode?
Jared Goldberg & Evan Bauer (UCSB)


Public Talk
Nov 20, 2019

Željko Ivezić (University of Washington)

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Astronomy on Tap

Dark Matter, Black Holes and Gaia
Łukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw University)

Exploding Stars and how to explode them
Jared Goldberg (UCSB)

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Astronomy on Tap

Classical Astronomy: A Stellar Legacy
Joey Chatelain (LCO)

Blunders in Space
Mirek Brandt (LCO)

ngc6946 galaxy

Sep 30, 2019
An interactive introduction to key technologies and observing facilities that will drive time-domain astronomy in the LSST era and a chance for scientists to influence their development


Sep 5, 2019
The workshop is intended to stimulate the community about the potential of the EUCLID space mission for microlensing

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Astronomy on Tap

Imaging Exoplanets
Tim Brandt (UCSB)

Building Habitable Worlds
Markus Rabus (LCO)

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Astronomy on Tap

What's Shakin on Mars? Martian Seismology with InSight
Bruce Banerdt (NASA JPL)

Run for your Life! Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Santa Barbara
Sandy Seale (LCO/UCSB)


Public Talk
Jul 17, 2019

Adam Riess (Krieger School of Arts and Sciences)

open house 2019

Open House
Jun 28, 2019
Introducing our new CEO, Dr. Lisa Storrie-Lombardi

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Astronomy on Tap

Alien Zombie Comets
Tabby Boyajian (Louisiana State University)

What's new with Gravitational Waves
Duncan Brown (Syracuse University)