We believe the most fulfilling place to work is a place where excellent people work together to solve interesting problems.

Working at LCO

LCO is a dedicated group of people who value innovation, excellence and belonging. Our team of engineers, scientists, software engineers, and administrative professionals come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We are working together to advance our understanding of the universe through science and education. What could be better than that? Bringing your dog to work, to keep you company while you do it! We have many cat lovers on staff, as well.

Our Core Values


We strive for the highest standards of quality and scientific rigor.


We excel at transformative technologies and ground-breaking novel approaches.


We welcome people from all backgrounds; our diversity is our strength.


We believe fundamental standards of honesty, fairness and respect are inalienable.

Science for All

We believe science and technology should be accessible to and equitable for all.

LCO is not actively recruiting at this time. Feel free to send your resume and a short cover letter to our HR Department for future consideration at