Randy Johnson and Big Binocs

People of LCO

Randy Johnson

03 Dec 2021

Network Facilities Manager

Students in the HI STAR program demonstrating their work in astronomy.


Hawai'i Students Reach for the HI STARS

Sandy Seale | 24 Sep 2021

Edward Gomez using 3 different-sized balls to demonstrate the science behind a supernova explosion at Hong Kong Science Festival.

People of LCO

Edward Gomez

17 Sep 2021

Education Director

This image depicts a young star named GM Aur eating up gas and dust particles of a protoplanetary disk, which is represented by the green material surrounding the bright star. Image by M. M. Romanova


Infant Star Observed by LCO Telescopes

Sandy Seale | 08 Sep 2021

A Night View of the New 1m Telescope from its Dome at Teide Observatory. Image Credit:  LCO.


Todd Henderson on the job at Las Cumbres Observatory

People of LCO

Todd Henderson

19 May 2021

Mechanical Project Engineer

Carole East with a Naxi tribe woman at the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China.

People of LCO

Carole East

08 Apr 2021

Finance and Contracts Manager

The MuSCAT3 multi-channel camera, shown before it shipped from Tokyo in the summer of 2020, for installation on the LCO 2m telescope at Haleakala Observatory.


LCO image opened in AstroImageJ and annotated to indicate the locations of the stars in a tertiary system. The position angle and separation of the A and C components were measured in this study, see work below by Slown, Freed, & Brazzle.