Current Staff

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Iair's picture

Iair Arcavi

Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow

Etienne's picture

Etienne Bachelet

Postdoctoral Fellow

Todd's picture

Todd Boroson

President & Observatory Director

Mark's picture

Mark Bowman

Software Team Leader

Nan's picture

Nan Brooks

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Tim's picture

Tim Brown

Senior Scientist

Patrick's picture

Patrick Conway

Telescope Operations Manager

Jon's picture

Jon De Vera

Senior Electrical Engineer

Dave's picture

Dave Douglass

Software Engineer

Carole's picture

Carole East

Finance and Contracts Manager

Mark's picture

Mark Elphick

Haleakala Site Manager

Jesus's picture

Jesus Estrada

IT Service Desk

Steve's picture

Steve Foale

Software Engineer

Edward's picture

Edward Gomez

Education Director

Daniel's picture

Daniel Harbeck

Instrumentation Scientist

Brian's picture

Brian Haworth

IT Manager

Elisabeth's picture

Elisabeth Heinrich-Josties

Software Engineer

Todd's picture

Todd Henderson

Mechanical Project Engineer

Griffin's picture

Griffin Hosseinzadeh

PhD Student

Andy's picture

Andy Howell

Staff Scientist / UCSB Adjunct Faculty

Annie's picture

Annie Kirby

Operations Manager & Head of Engineering

Brodie's picture

Brodie Kurczynski

Software Engineer

Tim's picture

Tim Lister

Project Scientist

Curtis's picture

Curtis McCully

Postdoctoral Fellow

Felipe's picture

Felipe Murgas

Tenerife Postdoctoral Fellow

Jon's picture

Jon Nation

Software Engineer

Andrew's picture

Andrew Pickles

Operation Support Scientist

Sarah's picture

Sarah Rettinger

Human Resources and Administrative Manager

Austin's picture

Austin Riba

Software Engineer

Fernando's picture

Fernando Rios

Logistics Manager

Sarah Eve's picture

Sarah Eve Roberts

Education Programme Officer

Wayne's picture

Wayne Rosing


Eric's picture

Eric Saunders

Director of Engineering

Sandy's picture

Sandy Seale

Director of Development

Jodi's picture

Jodi Shaw

Bookkeeper and Purchaser

Rob's picture

Rob Siverd

Instrumentation Scientist

Cary's picture

Cary Smith

Electrical Technician

Ira's picture

Ira Snyder

Systems Administrator

Rachel's picture

Rachel Street

Project Scientist

Brook's picture

Brook Taylor

Mechanical Engineer / Project Lead

Monica's picture

Monica Turner

Astronomical Observer & Data Analyst SSA

Kurt's picture

Kurt Vander Horst

Senior Telescope Technician

Nikolaus's picture

Nikolaus Volgenau

Operations Scientist

Mark's picture

Mark Willis

Siding Spring Site Manager

Carmel's picture

Carmel Wood

Financial Accountant