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Infant Star Observed by LCO Telescopes

Sep 8, 2021

This image depicts a young star named GM Aur eating up gas and dust particles of a protoplanetary disk, which is represented by the green material surrounding the bright star. Image by M. M. Romanova

The investigation of young stars can explain the development of our own sun and solar system.

Professor Catherine Espaillat of Boston University College has published a paper in Nature on the properties of baby stars.

The research team at BU closely studied a young star called GM Aur, located in the Taurus-Auriga molecular cloud of the Milky Way. The team spent a month taking daily snapshots of GM Aur’s surface, compiling datasets of X-ray, ultraviolet (UV), infrared, and visual light. Data from the Las Cumbres Observatory global telescope network provided optical observations of GM Aur.

This study of young stars that share similar properties with our sun is key to understanding the birth of our own planet. 

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