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Siding Spring

Siding Spring is near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia. It is the most important location for optical and infra-red astronomy on the Australian mainland, hosts eleven telescopes, and is home to our 2-meter class Faulkes Telescope South (FTS), two 1-meter telescopes and two 0.4-meter telescopes.

The telescopes at the site include the 3.9m Anglo-Australian telescope, the 2.3m ANU telescope, the UK Schmidt telescope, the ANU 40" telescope, the ANU 24" telescope, the ANU 16" telescope, the University of New South Wales Automated Patrol Telescope, the Uppsala telescope, the Korean 20" telescope, the ROTSE telescope and the new 1.3m ANU Skymapper telescope.

Within 10km of Siding Spring Observatory are the 24 metre Mopra radio telescope, the 20" Rose-Hulman observatory and the 14" Muhlenberg Observatory.

LCO installed two 1-meter telescopes at Siding Spring during 2013.

An intense wildfire burned though the area in mid-January, 2013. The observatory lost support buildings, but was mostly unscathed.

For more information about the site and telescopes, check out the Siding Spring Observatory website.

A video tour of the LCO site at Siding Spring.