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User Quotas

The PI of a proposal can set a limit to the amount of time any of their users can use. This quota is viewable on the Proposal Management page for each proposal in the Observing Portal.

How does it work?

The quota value represents the maximum amount of time your account will be able to use and is on a "per proposal" basis. The total amount of time used by your account during a semester is checked against your quota each time you make a request for an observation. If your total for the semester exceeds your quote, you will not be allowed to submit.

Your quota will be set by the PIs of the proposals you are members of. If you need a higher quota, please contact your PI.

If your quota is not set or "-1", then you may make observations up to the total available for each proposal in the current semester.


All proposal PIs can set a quota for any or all of their proposal members from the Proposal Management page for each proposal. This is also the place that you can check your own quota, as well as how much time you have used in the current semester.


For PIs

To expand or collapse the list click the eye ( ) symbol next to Co Investigators


To add quota for all of your proposal members use the "Global Hour Limit" setting. This will be applied to all of your users instantly.


If you would like to edit this value, or even to remove this restriction, for individual users, follow these steps:

  1. Find the individual in the user table
  2. In the "Hour Limit" column, click the pencil () symbol to expand the individual's setting
  3. Add the number of hours to set the quota to, or remove any restriction