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Constellations under investigation & Scientists' Apprentice

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CSI - Constelações Sob Investigação (Constellations under investigation) is a project where students explore constellations and the night sky. It will be carried out by several classes in Portugal (at least 3, maybe 5), and by another 2 to 4 classes from portuguese speaking countries: Cape Verde and Brasil (confirmed), S. Tomé e Príncipe, Mozambique and Macau still awaiting confirmation.

CSI will be a series of activities that involve not only Science (Physics-Chemistry-Natural Sciences) but also Arts, Portuguese and History. The LCO observations will be worked in the Science classes, where they will deepen their knowledge about constellations and the night sky. Each class will select objects from the constellations they choose, and request observations with the LCO telescopes. The project will promote the communication between the different countries and they will explore the differences of the night sky for different latitudes. They will present their class work to the other classes from the different countries.

Scientist’s Apprenticeship - NUCLIO promotes workshops of hands-on, inquiry oriented science activities for classes of different schools and grades. We will work with a teacher from middle school and a teacher from high school to develop a project with one or two classes from each teacher. For the middle school, we propose that each class chooses objects to observe and in the end of the school year, they build together a Universe Poster (or Calendar or Notebook), following the idea of the IYA2009 project “Universe Notebook”. For the high-school classes we propose that they acquire data for an exoplanet transit. They will analyse the images and build the light curve to extract the scientific information.

Audience Region
  • Europe
Organizers: Maria Luísa Almeida, Leonor Cabral, Paula Furtado, Rosa Doran
Affiliation: NUCLIO
Partner website: For more information
Active: Dec 2017 → Dec 2019
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  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring