Educational Resources

LCO has developed a selection of educational and outreach resources which can be used by anyone interested in astronomy, space, and robotic telescopes. We offer three categories of resources: educational activity plans, interactive online resources, and printable materials. All of these resources are continually revised and updated by our education team.

Highlights of our educational resources include -

Star in a Box: an interactive exploration of the life of stars. This is our most popular resource, used by thousands of educators across the world to teach the evolution of stars.

Messier Bingo: an interactive bingo game that teaches astronomical vocabulary using images taken by LCO.

Agent Exoplanet: an exploration of exoplanets using LCO images.

Serol’s Cosmic Adventures: a series of animated videos exploring robotic telescopes.


Our collection of educational activities for 6 - 18-year olds and for a general audience.


Web apps and interactive activities that cover topics from exploring the lifecycle of a star to hunting for exoplanets.


Resources you can print at home or in your classroom: comic books, DIY telescopes, and more.