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Global Sky Partners

Promoting Astronomy Education, Research, and Outreach in Pakistan

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This program leverages LCO robotic telescopes to enhance astronomy education, research, and outreach in Pakistan. It provides in-person training sessions for students, teachers, researchers, and general public, incorporating astronomy lectures, telescopic observations, robotic telescope data acquisition and processing, and Machine Learning. By utilizing robotic telescopes, this program circumvents the challenges of accessing observatories in Pakistan and provides a valuable platform to integrate education, research, and outreach to inspire and engage aspiring astronomers and astrophysicists.

Audience Region
  • Asia
Organizers: Ms. Hira Fatima
Affiliation: Computational Astrophysics Lab, National Center in Big Data and Cloud Computing, NED-UET, Karachi, Pakistan
Active: Aug 2023 → present
  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring