Observatory Images

Haleakala and Milky Way

Haleakala and FTN clam shell, by Rakhal Kinkaid. The lava knoll where the Milky Way touches earth is a culturally significant site.


Faulkes Telescope South against Milky Way

Siding Spring

Siding Spring node

Sutherland node

Sutherland 1m telescopes. Photo by Bruno LeTarte

Siding Spring

2m and 1m enclosures at Siding Spring node

1m BPL

1m BPL

0.8m Sedgwick

Sedgwick Observatory, Santa Ynez valley, CA. Photo by Matt Miller


0.4 m installation in Tenerife node


Sedgwick and Milky Way during Camp Cosmos star party

1m BPL

1m BPL