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The imagers on LCO’S 1m and 2m telescopes use 75mm square filters in 18 or 21 capacity filterwheels. Standard loadout is a complete Johnson-Cousins/Bessell set (UBVRI) and a SDSS/PanSTARRS set (u’g’r’i’z’sYw). The Spectral imager on the 2m telescope at Siding Spring Observatory also contains some narrowband filters: Hα, Hβ, OIII, D51, Astrodon-UV, and Skymapper v.

For an indication on exposure times to use with these filters, use our exposure time calculator.

Wavelength Center (Å) Wavelength Width (Å) Instrument(s)
Astrodon Photometrics UV 3697 472 Spectral (2m)
Bessell U 3500 500 Sinistro (1m)
Bessell B 4361 890 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
Bessell V 5448 840 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
Bessell R 6407 1580 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m)
Bessell I 7980 1540 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m)
D51 5150 150 Spectral (2m)
H-alpha 6563 300 Spectral (2m)
H-alpha 6575 65 QHY600 (0.35m)
H-beta 4860 300 Spectral (2m)
OIII 5007 30 Spectral (2m)
OIII 5015 65 QHY600 (0.35m)
SII 6745 65 QHY600 (0.35m)
Pan-STARRS w 6250 4416 Sinistro (1m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
Pan-STARRS Y 10040 1120 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m)
Pan-STARRS zs 8700 1040 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
SDSS u' 3540 570 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
SDSS g' 4770 1500 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
SDSS r' 6215 1390 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
SDSS i' 7545 1290 Sinistro (1m), Spectral (2m), SBIG (0.4m), QHY600 (0.35m)
Skymapper v 3830 60 Spectral (2m)
Solar 6000 2000 Spectral (2m)
Astrodon ExoPlanet 7000 4000 QHY600 (0.35m)

Downloadable transmission data (.zip file) for all LCO filters except PanSTARRS w.

Inventoried Filters

Wavelength Center (Å) Wavelength Width (Å) Instrument
Astrodon Photometrics Bu 4261 887  
Astrodon Photometrics Ic 8071 1623  
Astrodon Photometrics Rs 6413 1425  
Astrodon Photometrics V 5387 964  
Hale-Bopp C2 5125 125 Merope (2m)
Hale-Bopp C3 4060 70 Merope (2m)
Hale-Bopp CN 3871 50 Merope (2m)
Hale-Bopp CR 6840 90 Merope (2m)
Hale-Bopp NH2 6630 40 Merope (2m)
Hale-Bopp OH 3085 75 Merope (2m)