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MPC Codes

If you are performing observations of minor bodies you will most likely need the Minor Planet Centre (MPC) observatory codes for our observatories.

To work out the observatory code you will need to inspect the FITS header of each data file of the relevant observations. You will need the 3 header items, TELID, ENCID, SITEID. From these you can look up the MPC observatory code from the following table:

ogg clma 2m0a Haleakala-Faulkes Telescope North F65
ogg clma 0m4b Haleakala-LCO Clamshell #1 T04
ogg clma 0m4c Haleakala-LCO Clamshell #2 T03
elp doma 1m0a McDonald Observatory-LCO A V37
elp domb 1m0a McDonald Observatory-LCO B V39
elp aqwa 0m4a McDonald Observatory-LCO ELP Aqawan A #1 V38
lsc doma 1m0a Cerro Tololo-LCO A W85
lsc domb 1m0a Cerro Tololo-LCO B W86
lsc domc 1m0a Cerro Tololo-LCO C W87
lsc aqwa 0m4a Cerro Tololo-LCO Aqawan A #1 W89
lsc aqwb 0m4a Cerro Tololo-LCO Aqawan B #1 W79
cpt doma 1m0a Sutherland-LCO A K91
cpt domb 1m0a Sutherland-LCO B K92
cpt domc 1m0a Sutherland-LCO C K93
cpt aqwa 0m4a Sutherland-LCO Aqawan A #1 L09
coj clma 0m4a Siding Spring-LCO Clamshell #1 Q58
coj clma 0m4b Siding Spring-LCO Clamshell #2 Q59
coj doma 1m0a Siding Spring-LCO A Q63
coj domb 1m0a Siding Spring-LCO B Q64
coj clma 2m0a Siding Spring-Faulkes Telescope South E10
tfn doma 1m0a Tenerife Observatory-LCO A Z31
tfn domb 1m0a Tenerife Observatory-LCO B Z24
tfn aqwa 0m4a Tenerife-LCO Aqawan A #1 Z21
tfn aqwa 0m4b Tenerife-LCO Aqawan A #2 Z17
tlv doma 1m0a Wise Observatory, Mitzpeh Ramon 097
sor Not present in header 4m0a SOAR. Cerro Pachon I33