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Faulkes Telescope South

Out of the five 2-meter class of telescopes built in Birkenhead (UK) by TTL (before it became part of LCOGT), Faulkes Telescope South was the third to be installed and commissioned, enjoying first light in 2004. There were several major site-related obstacles to overcome before routine operations could commence. Once these were resolved Faulkes Telescope South finally began full operations in Summer 2006. Since then it has had regular visits from the engineering team to make it as reliable as possible at producing high quality astronomical data. Faulkes Telescope South is sited at the LCO Siding Spring node.

Initial capital and operational funding for the Faulkes Telescope South was provided by The Dill Faulkes Educational Trust.  Faulkes Telescope South is now operated by Las Cumbres Observatory as a component of the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network. 

2m Siding Spring