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Distributed Peer Review Panel

Beginning with the 2023A semester, every non-Key-Project proposal is subjected to "Distributed Peer Review" (DPR). Rather than having a small panel of experts, a Time Allocation Committee (TAC), read and review a large number of proposals, we have each member of a large panel of experts read and review a small number of proposals in her/his area of expertise. We assemble this panel from members of the LCO community. Specifically:

  • PIs of successful LCO proposals in the past 3 years,
  • Representatives from LCO Science Collaboration institutions,
  • Former LCO scientists, postdocs, and graduate students,
  • Current and former LCO committee members (i.e. Time Allocation Committees, Science Advisory Committees).

Scientists who have served on DPR panels and TACs in recent years include:

Julian van Eyken IPAC Exoplanets 2024A
Teddy Kareta Lowell Observatory Solar system small bodies 2024A
Matthew Green Tel Aviv University Stellar astronomy, compact binaries 2024A
Elisabeth Newton Dartmouth College Exoplanets; Dwarf Stars 2021A-2021B, 2024A
Sjoert van Velzen Leiden Observatory Tidal Disruption Events 2022B-2023A, 2024A
Yiannis Tsapras U. Heidelberg Exoplanets, Microlensing 2023B-2024A
Jonathan Trump U. Connecticut Active Galactic Nuclei; Supermassive Black Holes 2023A-2024A
Rob Siverd U. Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy Exoplanets; Active stars; Eclipsing binaries 2023A-2024A
Luisa Rebull IPAC Young stars; Stellar rotation 2023A-2024A
Hannu Parviainen Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias Exoplanets 2023A-2024A
Felipe Murgas Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias Exoplanets 2023A-2024A
Nick Moskovitz Lowell Observatory Solar system 2021A-2024A
Matthew Knight US Naval Academy Asteroids, Comets 2023A-2024A
Matthew Kenworthy Leiden Observatory Exoplanets, Circumstellar Material 2023A-2024A
Marshall Johnson The Ohio State University Exoplanets 2023A-2024A
John Gizis U. Delaware Stellar variability; brown dwarfs 2021A, 2023A-2024A
Akihiko Fukui Astrobiology Center, U. Tokyo Exoplanets, Atmospheres 2023A-2024A
David Ciardi IPAC Exoplanets, Star formation 2023A-2024A
Artem Burdanov MIT Exoplanets 2022A-2024A
Misty Bentz Georgia State Active Galactic Nuclei 2021B-2024A
Etienne Bachelet Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris Exoplanets, Microlensing 2023A-2024A
Iair Arcavi Tel Aviv University TDEs, GW events, Supernovae 2023A-2024A
Allison Youngblood U. Colorado Exoplanets; Stellar Activity 2022A-2022B, 2023B
Tommaso Treu UCLA AGN; Gravitational Lensing 2021A, 2023B
Tom Matheson NOIR Lab Supernovae, Extragalactic Transients 2014B-2020B, 2023B
Ann Marie Cody SETI Institute Exoplanets, stellar astronomy 2023B
Jennifer Marshall Texas A&M U. Near-field cosmology; Galaxy kinematics; Cool stars 2017AB, 2020B, 2023B
Daichi Hiramatsu Harvard Center for Astrophysics Supernovae 2023A-2023B
Eric Gaidos U. Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy Planet formation, Young stars 2023A-2023B
Sarah Sonnett PSI Asteroids, Comets, Exoplanets 2014B-2017AB, 2020B, 2023A-2023B
Christoffer Fremling Caltech Supernovae 2022A
Joel Hartman Princeton Exoplanets 2021A-2021B
Wolfgang Kerzendorf Michigan State Supernovae 2021B
Federica Bianco U. Delaware Supernovae; Extragalactic transients 2021A
Leslie Hebb Hobart & William Smith Colleges Stellar activity; Exoplanets 2014B-2020B
Michele Bannister U. Canterbury Solar system small bodies 2020A-2020B
Stella Kafka AAVSO Active stars; Cataclysmic variables 2020A-2020B
Stan Metchev U. Western Ontario Brown dwarfs 2020B
Varoujan Gorjian NASA JPL Active galactic nuclei 2020B
Driss Takir NASA JSC Solar system formation; asteroid chemistry 2020B
Karen Leighly U. Oklahoma Active galactic nuclei 2020B
Brad Cenko NASA GSFC Explosive transients: supernovae, GRBs 2020B
Andres Jordan PUC Chile Exoplanets 2020B
Jacqueline Radigan Utah Valley U. Low mass stars; Exoplanets 2019B-2020A
Eva Lilly U. Hawaii Asteroids, Comets 2018A-2019B
Tim Brandt UCSB Exoplanets, Stellar Evolution, Clusters 2018A-2020A
Rick Edelson U. Maryland Active Galactic Nuclei 2014B-2019B
Ian Howarth UCL Stellar Evolution; Diffuse ISM 2014A-2018B
John Ruan McGill U. Active Galactic Nuclei; High-Energy Astrophysics 2018B
Megan Schwamb Gemini Solar System Evolution; Kuiper Belt Objects 2014A-2018A
Michael Eracleous PSU AGN; CVs; GRBs, XRBs 2014A-2018A
Doug Leonard SDSU Supernovae 2014A-2017AB
Adam Burgasser UCSD Low Mass Stars; Brown Dwarfs 2014A-2017AB
Zach Berta-Thompson U. Colorado Extrasolar Planets 2017AB
Jacqueline Keane U. Hawaii Protostellar Envelope Chemistry; Ice and Dust in YSOs 2017AB
Emily Kramer NASA JPL Comets, NEOs 2015B
Stefano Valenti UC, Davis Supernovae, AGN reverberation mapping 2012A-2014A
Avi Shporer MIT Exoplanets, Brown Dwarfs, Binary Stars 2011A-2014A
Aaron Barth UC, Irvine AGN, Supermassive Black Holes 2011A-2014A