Time Allocation Committee

Time Allocation Committee

Rick Edelson University of Maryland Active Galactic Nuclei
Ian Howarth University College London Stellar Evolution; Diffuse ISM
Tom Matheson NOAO Supernovae, Cosmology
Sarah Sonnett Planetary Science Institute Asteroids, Comets, Exoplanets
Tim Brandt UC, Santa Barbara Exoplanets, Stellar Evolution, Clusters
Eva Lilly University of Hawaii Asteroids, Comets

Emeritus TAC Members

Doug Leonard San Diego State University Supernovae 2014A-2017AB
Adam Burgasser University of California, San Diego Low Mass Stars; Brown Dwarfs 2014A-2017AB
Megan Schwamb Gemini Observatory Solar System Evolution; Kuiper Belt Objects 2014A-2018A
Michael Eracleous Penn State University AGN; CVs; GRBs, XRBs 2014A-2018A
Leslie Hebb Hobart & William Smith Colleges Exoplanets; Magnetic Activity in Low Mass Stars 2014A-2018B

Past members and Friends of the LCO TAC

Emily Kramer NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Comets, NEOs 2015B
Zach Berta-Thompson University of Colorado Extrasolar Planets 2017AB
Jacqueline Keane University of Hawaii Protostellar Envelope Chemistry; Ice and Dust in YSOs 2017AB
Jennifer Marshall Texas A&M University Near-field Cosmology; Galaxy Kinematics; Cool Stars 2017AB
John Ruan McGill University Active Galactic Nuclei; High-Energy Astrophysics 2018B