Workshop Agenda

Preliminary Workshop Agenda

We recognize that people have travel constraints and different goals for this workshop.  Participants are welcome to attend for one or more days if they prefer, but are encouraged to join in for the full week.  

Day 0 - Technology Primers [Afternoon only, optional]:

  • Hands-on introduction to the Django framework used for the TOM Toolkit
  • Introduction to key concepts and technologies in the follow-up ecosystem

Day 1 - Follow-up Ecosystem and the TOM Toolkit:

  • Introduction:
    • Plan for the workshop
    • Announcement of proposal opportunity in detail
  • Follow-up ecosystem and the roles of TOMs, brokers and interfacing services
  • Hands-on session:
    • Introduction to the TOM Toolkit
  • Discussion session:
    • Functionality and services necessary for science programs
  • End of day reports

Day 2 - Surveys and Brokers:

  • Introduction
  • Presentations from surveys
    • Current status, alert content and distribution
  • Discussion session
    • Survey and alerts Q&A, large-scale coordination of follow-up
  • Presentations from broker developer teams
  • Hands-on session
    • Filtering alert streams from brokers, ingesting alerts into TOMs
    • Review/updates to TOM broker module
  • End of day reports

Day 3 - Observing Facilities:

  • Introduction
  • Presentations from observing facilities
    • Observing facilities API capabilities and request language
    • AEON developments at SOAR and Gemini
  • Hands-on session:
    • Using TOMs for programmatic observing requests
    • Discussion of observation request support for diverse instruments and scheduling
  • End-of-day reports

Day 4 - Integration with Data Archives and User-developed Software:

  • Introduction
  • Presentations from data archives
    • Demonstration of TOM interface with LCO data archive
    • LSST Science Platform
    • Gemini archive
  • Hands-on session:
    • Integrating user-developed software with a TOM system
    • Introduction to TOM KnowledgeBase, process for sharing and reviewing community-developed plugins
    • Proposal writing
  • End of day reports