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Jason Eastman

Postdoctoral Fellow

My main interests are in instrumentation and exoplanets. I am currently working on NRES, the Network of Robotic Echelle Spectographs; EXOFAST, a suite of exoplanet fitting routines for the public; and DEMONEX, a robotic telescope that monitors the known transiting planets. I am also a collaborator on KELT and MARVELS. For more information, see my CV.

As a graduate student at OSU, I created a BJD calculator, commissioned the MDM 4K, and helped commission the Large Binocular Camera. As an undergraduate at Boston University, I helped build PRISM, an optical multi-slit spectrograph.
I also like doing astrophotography.
You can see my publications on  ADS or google scholar.
Jason's picture
Jason no longer works at Las Cumbres Observatory.